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ACHEMA countdown 2018

Milestone will once again be exhibiting at ACHEMA, the world's largest and leading show for Process Industries (11 to 15 June 2018 - Frankfurt, Germany) in Hall 4.1, Stand K17.
We warmly invite you to visit us at the show offering you Free Guest Day Tickets
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We believe, we can give you value for your visit to our stand.

Microwave green extraction

Microwave Green Extraction

Modernizing Trace Organic Analysis.

The purpose of organic trace analysis is to obtain information about the organic molecules present in the sample matrix of interest.
So why is organic trace analysis so hard?
There are millions of organic compounds that have been characterized in the chemical literature, with still millions more that are waiting to be discovered. The biggest problem with organic trace analysis is isolating the single compound of interest from the rest of the organic soup.
Analytical instrumentation has evolved to the point where is capable of simultaneously detecting the hexane molecule, and all of the other C6H14, compounds in a matter of minutes at levels less than one part per billion (ppb).
Despite the sophisticated arsenal of analytical instrumental techniques available, current instrumentation has not evolved to the point where we put some dirt into a chamber and the answer appears. Samples must still undergo some type of pretreatment because the sample matrices often are not compatible with the modern instrumentation. In addition, the sample homogeneity must be reduced to a molecular level because today’s analytical instruments compare molecular relationships on a molecular level with time integration.
This additional pretreatment component for modern analysis makes the determination of trace organic analytes challenging for analytical chemists.
The various operations performed on the sample during its preparation for instrumental analysis account for 60% of the analyst’s time and are responsible for 30 to 50% of error in performing the analysis.
The top problems reported with sample preparation are: 1) labor intensity; 2) cost; 3) poor recoveries; 4) reproducibility; and 5) contamination. In addition to these problems the trace organic chemists on average uses three or more sample preparation techniques per sample just to produce an analytical result.

This book focuses on helping today’s trace organic analysists understand and overcome the difficulties of sample preparation by learning how to THINK GREEN.

Milestone CONNECT


Milestone puts 30-years of experience in sample prep at your fingertips.

The new Milestone CONNECT ( is a unique feature for your best-in-class system that puts Milestone 30-years of applications experience at your fingertips. By choosing ETHOS UP, ETHOS EASY, UltraWAVE or DMA-80, you will get exclusive access to the knowledge and experience of the Milestone Application Team: continuously updated application notes, library of scientific papers, video tutorials, system manuals at any time – 24/7.
The Milestone Connect can remotely monitor the operation of your microwave digestion system or direct mercury analyzer through your desktop, tablet or smartphone device, thus enhancing your enhancing your sample preparation or analysis procedure.

EnviroTest Laboratories could expand its company to include the Organic Department


Milestone's Extraction Technology helps increase productivity and lower operating costs for Environmental Testing Laboratory.
EnviroTest is a full service environmental laboratory. EnviroTest accomplished their mission by adding a full Organic Department, gaining a reputation as a trusted leader in water and soil testing services for the Hudson Valley serving NY, NJ and CT.
The Milestone’s Ethos X microwave system with the FastEX-24 rotor is a solution to our sample preparation needs. Its ease of use, practically no learning curve, less solvent usage, disposable large volume glass vials and high sample throughput reduces overall costs and time. In addition to providing accurate and reproducible results, the advanced technology gives us the ability to process higher sample weights resulting in lower detection limits.




Determination of Heavy Metals in Cannabis Plants with Closed Vessel Microwave Digestion


The cannabis industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries. This growth is fueled by recent revelations in the potential benefits of cannabinoid therapies for various medical conditions. Although systems for growing production and sale of cannabis related products are well established, regulation and enforcement of quality and safety testing have lagged, such as the testing of heavy metals.
This new era of acceptance and legalization has opened new opportunities for labs.
Standardization of these methods for the industry will give regulators the resources they need to adapt sensible requirements for regulation and legislation for the use of cannabis.




UltraWAVE allows polymer analysis lab to tackle difficult samples for elemental analysis


Elemental analysis of polymer systems is frequently inconclusive or erroneous if the sample is not completely digested.
Together with the Milestone UltraWAVE and traceCLEAN acid steam cleaning system, we have the capability to tackle the most difficult samples while reaching detection limits in the parts per trillion (ppt) range.

“We especially liked the fact that the UltraWAVE allows for analysis of different samples simultaneously without cross contamination, increases throughput, reduces method development and works for volatile elements."
- Dr. James Woods, Sr. Research Scientist



UltraWAVE awarded as the most innovative product in sample prep


UltraWAVE was awarded as the most innovative product in sample preparation for metal analysis

Milestone & Labtech are present at BCEIA in Beijing China with a large booth and a series of dedicated seminars on different applications We are very proud to announce that during the show our UltraWAVE has been awarded as the most innovative product in sample preparation for metal analysis.





Unilever counts on Milestone’s UltraWAVE to reach very low detection limits


Unilever has joined the list of our happy customers! Customer
Unilever is a Dutch-British global company co-headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands and London, United Kingdom. Unilever manufactures a wide range of consumer products, owning over 400 brands around the World including food, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. Challenge
“We could not reach the detection limited needed to obtained good results with our ICPMS analyzer because of the cross-contamination during the sample preparation step."

additional info Solution
The UltraWAVE replaced their existing closed vessel microwave system and doubled their sample digestion capacity without increasing the hours of labor associated with the current sample prep. With the UltraWAVE they are able to digest any difficult sample while obtaining very low blanks and no evidence of cross contamination.



UltraFAST Crucibles

Analítica Latin America 2017

The UltraFAST crucibles allow the PYRO user to dramatically reduce the overall ashing time, from start to end thanks to their innovative material that allows the samples to be surrounded by a constant airflow.

They are made of an innovative material that, although chemically and thermally resistant, allows the samples to be surrounded by a constant airfl ow which, in turn, accelerates the ashing process. The ashing time is therefore reduced. Furthermore, the cooling time is so short that there is no need to use a dessicator prior samples weighing.
Just 30 seconds are enough to go from 1000°C to room temperature. A replaceable pad located at their bottom extends the lifetime of the these crucibles.
The UltraFAST crucibles are suitable for the ashing of any solid sample, such as polymers, pharmaceuticals, food and feed, cokes, coals etc.

aspies and dating DOWNLOAD THE FLYER 


Analítica Latin America 2017

Analítica Latin America 2017

Milestone will be exhibiting at the forthcoming Analitica Latin America, one of the main hubs of the chemical and analytical industry, where suppliers and manufacturers display all the innovations and trends of the sector.

these details Come and see as at booth #B94.

When: from 26/09/2017 to 28/09/2017
Where: São Paulo Expo - Rodovia dos Imigrantes, Km 1,5 | Cep: 04329-900 | São Paulo/SP | Brasil



Norwegian University of Life Sciences gets complete digestion of difficult geological samples with the UltraWAVE and UltraCLAVE

Norwegian University of Life Sciences

rencontre avec une femme russe Customer
The Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management (MINA) of Norwegian University of Life Sciences is the University’s competence centre on nature and the environment, sustainable use of natural resources, biological and geological processes. The faculty has approximately 200 employees and 650 students in 13 different study programs.

see post Challenge
“We have a wide range of different samples, some of them very challenging. We need high pressure and temperature capabilities, while assuring the maximum safety for operators”.

rencontres chiro bourges Solution
The MINA Faculty invested back in 2005- 2006 in two UltraCLAVE systems to increase throughput and reduce costs. With the addition of an UltraWAVE platform they could have a 100 % recovery for almost every element in the periodic table for their difficult geological samples. Ease of use and low maintenance costs contributed to additionally improve their lab’s routine work.




New advances in microwave-assisted green chemical processes


The Department of Medicine Science and Technology at the University of Turin could emphasise the fact that efficient, sustainable and scalable synthetic protocols require the last generation of microwave reactors (synthWAVE and flexiWAVE), as irreplaceable tools in modern chemistry for the unique versatility to carry out new experiments in a wide range of operative.

read this Read the Case Study now!

The DSTF has 20 years of experience in the application of non-conventional techniques such as ultrasound, hydrodynamic cavitation, ball milling, and microwaves, that can dramatically enhance chemical conversions as well as cutting down reaction times and energy consumption.



Milestone book on USP 232, 233 and 2232


We are proud and happy to share with you a new Milestone book, dedicated to the new USP methods 232, 233, and 2232.
These methods will become effective as of January 1st, 2018, and of course they open great sales opportunities for you in the pharmaceutical market.
The title of the book is "GETTING READY FOR USP 232, 233 AND 2232 - Microwave-Assisted Sample Preparation and Determination of Elemental Impurities in Pharmaceutical Products".
The book has been written by Prof. Joaquim Nobrega (Federal University of San Carlos, Brazil).
The aim of the book is to provide QA/QC practitioners and Lab Managers insights into the evolution and current status of methods and guidelines for the determination of elemental impurities, whilst educating in the best practices and optimum workflows for this demanding application.
Read the book now!

Learn more about USP / and ICH Q3D


Heavy crude oil digestion with SRC


Elemental analysis of heavy crude oil is important for a variety of reasons including region of origin, maturity, migration, type, and identification of potential challenges that could arise during the refining process. There are numerous challenges with analysis of heavy crude oil with most being centered on the sample prep process due to the complexity of the sample matric.

Microwave digestion has been used to overcome some of these challenges, however, traditional rotor based systems still face problems with limits of quantification due to sample size limitations, high residual organic contact (ROC), and high residual acidity.
The new paper "Rare earth element determination in heavy crude oil by USN-ICP-MS after digestion using a microwave-assisted single reaction chamber", Druzian et al, J. Anal. At. Spectrom., 2016, 31, 1185, compares the digestion quality and maximum crude oil sample size of two microwave digestion systems Milestone’s Ultrawave (UW) and Anton Paar’s Multiwave 3000.
In this work a method for rare earth element (REE) determination by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) was proposed after heavy crude oil digestion by microwave-assisted wet digestion using our UltraWAVE.
Straight to the conclusions: to the best of the authors' knowledge, this is the first method able to digest 1 g of crude oil using wet digestion in closed vessels. This fact allowed the determination of those elements present at very low concentration in crude oil.
Digestion efficiency using the UltraWAVE was higher, providing low residual carbon and acidity in digests, which are important parameters to avoid interferences during the determination of REE by ICP-MS. The UltraWAVE combined good performance, safety and relatively high sample throughput since the digestion of up to 5 samples could be performed simultaneously in 40 minutes.
Finally, LOQs (limit of quantitation) were lower than those obtained using the Anton Paar Multiwave, as well as residual acidity.

Please read the complete article from here:!divAbstract


Proudly made in Europe

Proudly made in Europe

Milestone decided to invest in Europe: our R&D centers and production facilities are located in Italy, Germany and Switzerland. We are proud that we are able to produce our systems respecting high quality standards required by EU.

We have a strong global brand with a long heritage in microwave sample preparation as well as an open vision to explore new horizons for further growth.
We continuously review and improve our products and processes. We have a long lasting commitment in helping chemists in their daily activities.


Some pictures of our production areas.

Which Digestion Product is Right For Your Lab?


Which Digestion Product is Right For Your Lab?

The choice depends on the application, number of different sample types, total number of samples per week, and budget.

Low/Moderate throughput, Single sample matrix.
For smaller numbers of samples, and particularly where only a single sample matrix is digested, a good choice is the closed vessel ETHOS EASY – especially where budget is limited.

Moderate Throughput, Multiple sample types, Challenging samples
Labs that have different sample matrices to digest, especially where some may be challenging, will find the UltraWAVE much more efficient and cost effective than a closed vessel system, due to the greatly reduced labor costs required for sample loading and reduced consumables costs.

High Throughput, Multiple sample types, Challenging samples
For labs with the highest workloads and multiple sample types, the UltraCLAVE will quickly repay its higher purchase price, through savings in both labor and consumables costs.

Organic samples (large sample weight)
Labs with large sample weights for organic material to digest could opt for open vessel digestion with the ETHOS UP or EASY or choose either the UltraWAVE or even UltraCLAVE, depending on the sample processing capacity needed.

Microwave Digestion of Pharmaceutical Samples for USP 232 and 233

USPMilestone has been included in the Application Note Email of the Spectroscopy Magazine.
This application note is about the new USP 232/233 chapters and the UltraWAVE.

Title is: "Microwave Digestion of Pharmaceutical Samples for USP 232 & 233" Arshad Kokardekar, Milestone Inc.
Single reaction chamber microwave digestion was performed on pharmaceutical samples prior to ICP-MS analysis according to USP chapters 232&233. Good QC data demonstrates suitability of SRC microwave digestion for this application.


It does highlight two of the advantages offered by our UltraWAVE microwave system: the quality of the digestion and the high sample capacity. It proves the technical superiority of the Milestone UltraWAVE over any competitive microwave digestion system.

New scientific papers


Milestone is pleased to inform you that two new interesting scientific papers about SynthWAVE microwave synthesis system have been published by prof. Giancarlo Cravotto, Turin University (Italy). Titles are:

  • “Microwave-assisted flash conversion of non-edible polysaccharides and post-harvest tomato plant waste to levulinic acid”
  • “Highly efficient Synthesis of per-substituted amino-cyclodextrins under Microwave Irradiation in a closed Cavity”

These papers prove the technical superiority of the Milestone SynthWAVE over any competitive microwave synthesis system.

We are 25-years young!

We are 25-years young!This year Milestone celebrates 25 years of success, growth and continuous innovation.
Franco Visinoni, President at Milestone, defines his company by means of three concepts: trust, personal responsibility and continuous investment in innovation. 10% of Milestone turnover is reinvested in research and development.

The average age of Milestone work force is 31 years.
The majority of Milestone people has an electronics, biology or chemistry background.
Milestone is an ethical company, based on the same ideals that were the pillars of its foundation on July 19th, 1988. Milestone is focused on investing in people with the ultimate goal of helping chemists.

New year, new laboratory

New year, new laboratorySetting up a new lab, whether a new build, new funding or a renovation is a challenging project.
Milestone decided to renew its own to achieve the goal of creating a place where to offer our customers and partners the complete availability of our product line and resources to show you the laboratory of the future.

As these laboratories continue to contribute to the site, Quantum Diaries welcomes commenting, feedback and constructive discussions on each post. Our application specialists help you find everything you need to start setting up your professional lab and start saving money today!
We periodically organize interactive, entertaining, and educational activities showing the result of over 20 years of experience in microwave sample preparation with the intent to reach across the globe all the chemists.

150 years...

150 years...A special recurrence occurs for Italian people in 2011: we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy.

"The King Vittorio Emanuele II assumes for himself and his successors the title of King of Italy. We order that the present, bearing the seal of the State, to be included in the collection of the acts of the government, sending anyone up to observe and enforce it as law of the State. From Turin day of March 17, 1861."

These are the words that you can read the document of the Law 4671 of the Kingdom of Sardinia and shall serve as official proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy, following the meeting of 14 March 1861 the Chamber of Deputies, which was voted on a bill passed by the Senate February 26, 1861. The Law 4671 was promulgated 17 March 1861 and published in the Official Gazette No. 68, March 18, 1861.
We all at Milestone are proud to be Italian. We had a smalll party together and this is a photo shooting of it.

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