Norwegian University of Life Sciences gets complete digestion of difficult geological samples with the UltraWAVE and UltraCLAVE

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The Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management (MINA) of Norwegian University of Life Sciences is the University’s competence centre on nature and the environment, sustainable use of natural resources, biological and geological processes. The faculty has approximately 200 employees and 650 students in 13 different study programs.

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“We have a wide range of different samples, some of them very challenging. We need high pressure and temperature capabilities, while assuring the maximum safety for operators”. anonymous Solution
The MINA Faculty invested back in 2005- 2006 in two UltraCLAVE systems to increase throughput and reduce costs. With the addition of an UltraWAVE platform they could have a 100 % recovery for almost every element in the periodic table for their difficult geological samples. Ease of use and low maintenance costs contributed to additionally improve their lab’s routine work. READ THE COMPLETE CASE STUDY

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