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http://lhcqf.org/?malyk=rencontres-amicales-caen&109=96 150 years...A special recurrence occurs for Italian people in 2011: we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy.


preguntas para conocer una chica "The King Vittorio Emanuele II assumes for himself and his successors the title of King of Italy. We order that the present, bearing the seal of the State, to be included in the collection of the acts of the government, sending anyone up to observe and enforce it as law of the State. From Turin day of March 17, 1861."

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find out this here These are the words that you can read the document of the Law 4671 of the Kingdom of Sardinia and shall serve as official proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy, following the meeting of 14 March 1861 the Chamber of Deputies, which was voted on a bill passed by the Senate February 26, 1861. The Law 4671 was promulgated 17 March 1861 and published in the Official Gazette No. 68, March 18, 1861.
We all at Milestone are proud to be Italian. We had a smalll party together and this is a photo shooting of it.