Webinar: Be ready for USP 232 & 233!

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site de rencontre 100 algа“ТЉrien Microwave digestion of pharma samples


weblink find this WEBINAR: Practical Guidance on Sample Preparation of Elemental Impurities in Pharmaceutical Samples

john ross bowie dating Impurities in pharmaceutical products are of great concern not only due to the inherent toxicity of certain contaminats, but also due to the adverse effect that contaminats may have on drug stability and shelf-life.
The current USP “heavy metals limit test” is due to be replaced with new USP 232 General Chapters USP (Limits) and USP 233 (Procedures revision).
This webinar will provide the background on the development of the new General Chapters and explain how closed vessel microwave digestion can address the requirements of the proposed new methods. The latest developments regarding detection limits, implementation dates, and more will be discussed. In addition, this webinar will take an in depth look at a new approach that has revolutionized how labs operate removing all the barriers of traditional techniques while offering high ROI for labs needing high throughput and mixed batch runs.


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