How To Get Viagra Prescription in Roseville California, Best place to buy Viagra in Ontario California

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Roseville California, Best place to buy Viagra in Ontario California

The unique technology *

The UltraCLAVE performs beyond the current limitations of traditional microwave sample preparation. Chemists can digest large sample masses, large batches of mixed sample types, and even the toughest sample matrices requiring sustained high temperatures.

The unique technology

Cross-contamination does not occur and extremely high throughput can be achieved.
Finally, reduced acid usage, consumables, and need for labor provide long-term cost savings.

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* Patents: US 5,382,414-5,725,835 - Germany 4105094-4114525 - Europe EP0728038-W09513133

Automatic Operations

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  • UltraCLAVE Closing Closing

    The reaction chamber lifts up to dock with the cover, creating a pressure seal that is secured in place by steel clamps.

  • PressurizationPressurization

    Once the chamber is sealed, a high-performance compressor pressurizes the system with inert gas. A microwave program, controlling temperature, pressure, and microwave power versus time, is then initiated via the control terminal.

  • Microwave HeatingMicrowave heating

    During the run, integrated sensors continuously monitor and display the internal pressure and sample temperature.
    The UltraCLAVE software dynamically adjusts the applied microwave power in real time to precisely follow the defined temperature profile.

  • Cooling and depressurizationCooling and depressurization

    At the completion of the heating process the reactor and its contents are cooled by an integrated chilling unit, the pressure inside the reactor is released, and the remaining process vapors are safely exhausted.

  • OpeningOpening

    Only after ambient pressure is reached, the sealing clamps are released. The reactor body is then lowered, and the digested samples can be removed.

Sample preparation for USP 232 & 233


New USP chapters 232 and 233 for the measurement of inorganic contaminants in pharmaceutical samples are due to be implemented soon.
A large part of samples will required closed vessel microwave digestion. Milestone with the most complete digestion line and a unique experience in sample preparation provides a complete solution to match the new USP requirements. Milestone has designed a suitable configuration of the ETHOS UPUltraWAVE and ETHOS EASY to fully comply the specifications of the new USP chapters 232 and 233. The Milestone USP packages include:

  • - Dedicated application notes
  • - Free method development on your own samples
  • - IQ/OQ
  • - Installation and training done by a factory trained specialist
  • - Application support directly from the factory

Learn more on the unique Milestone UltraCLAVE by reading "The Application of SRC Mw Digestion to the Preparation of pharmaceutical Samples in Accordance with USP 232/233"
(Spectroscopy, Nov 2012).

US Pharmacopeia links:

Download the General Chapter 232: Limits Revision
Download the General Chapter 233: Procedures Revision
Procedures: Revision - Revision Bulletin: Elemental Impurities Chapter 232 & 233

 Be ready for the implementation of the USP chapters 232 & 233!
Meet our Product Specialist in your country to get additional information and to organize a demonstration.

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